About Me

New York City has a population of 8,537,673 and soon, there’ll be one more…ME!

Hi! I’m Leesa, and I’ve decided to start this blog to chart the highs, the lows and everything in between as I move from London, my home and where my heart belongs, to New York City, my soon-to-be-new-home and the city that makes my pulse race!

I’m in my early 30s, moving for my career and super excited to be making my home in New York, a city that I’ve loved for years and always dreamed about living in. Now that dream’s becoming real and the excitement is fast becoming tangled up with nerves, inevitable sadness to be leaving my amazing family and friends, as well as a healthy dose of “am I crazy to be moving to the other side of the Atlantic by myself right now?!”

Come join me as I embark on the biggest adventure of my life so far!