La Pulperia, Hell’s Kitchen – THE Most Fun You Will Ever Have At Brunch!

So last weekend, I had – quite possibly – the best brunch of all time at La Pulperia (which handily for me is situated in my new neighbourhood, Hells Kitchen)!!! Believe me, this is definitely one for the list when you’re next in town or wanting something slightly different from your normal brunch options!

La Pulperia HK (they have two other locations, Upper East Side and Midtown East) is a teeny tiny little place on West 46th and 9th, so tiny you will undoubtedly walk right past the entrance the first time you visit. The cosy, unassuming dining room tucked away past the bar, gives you absolutely no warning at all for what is to come!

La Pulperia dining area

In the Hells Kitchen La Pulperia, on Sundays between 12 noon – 4pm, you don’t just get brunch – you get a fun, fabulous DRAG brunch with a full on, absolutely amazing drag show slap bang in the middle of it!

One of the two awesome drag artists we were treated to – Ms Ritzy Bitz

I think the artists change from week to week, but when we went last weekend, we were treated to two shows from one of the regulars, Ms Ritzy Bitz…..

Getting a little bit of immersive theatre with our brunch!

Get ready for flamboyant dance numbers, with full on acrobatics thrown in for your entertainment, sassy show tunes (word of warning, this might not be the brunch for you if you’re easily offended – expect LOTS of bad language) and for things to get up close and personal…….!

Getting up close and personal!

Yep that’s right…… Up close and personal! Check out my Instagram (@thenewnewyorkerblog) for some videos of the action!

Though not as up close and personal as this….!

This was honestly one of the most hilarious, entertaining brunches I’ve ever been to! The food is decent – not amazing, but believe me you don’t go for the food – and you can get unlimited cocktails (mimosas, bloody marys, screwdrivers or white or red sangria) for $30 for a period of 2 hours during your seating.

Go try it out – you won’t regret it!



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