Bar Douro – London Restaurants #1

Exciting news to share, my visa application has been approved (wahooooo!) so the countdown to NYC is officially on!

As much as I can’t wait, I’m starting to feel super sentimental about leaving London. I can’t even begin to think about leaving my family and friends yet, because if I do, I might just change my mind about going! I’m likely to be THE biggest mess on the plane over there, sorry in advance to whoever’s sat next me……..

So I’m transferring all those emotions and feeling nostalgic about London instead. I grew up in Kent and I’ve been a ‘proper Londoner’ for 10+ years, ever since I got back from uni. I’ve always been a city girl and I love London with a passion!

One of the best things about living here is the amazing restaurant scene. I’m a total foodie, so being so spoilt for choice has made for some very memorable meals over the years.

I wanted to tell you about some of my absolute favourite restaurants right now – sharing the love before I go so you can enjoy as well!

The first is Bar Douro – the cutest little Portuguese tapas / wine bar in Flat Iron Square close to Borough Market.

I’m not kidding when I say ‘little’, this place is extremely cosy! But adds to the charm I think!

I should probably tell you in advance that I’m a sucker for all things Portuguese. I used to spend every summer in the Algarve as a kid and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Lisbon, Porto and the Douro Valley more recently. So I’m always excited to hear about a cool Portuguese opening in London – especially if it serves two of my favourite drinks in the whole world, vinho verde and port tonico!

The food menu is delicious and in my humble opinion very authentic Portuguese. The mixed cheese and charcuterie board makes the best accompaniment to a glass of light, dry and ever so sparkling vinho verde (or young/ green wine). Portuguese cheese is honestly the bomb! I’m not sure why it’s not as well known as some of its Spanish counterparts. And whatever you do, don’t miss out on the Croquetes de Alheira, made from traditional smoked Portuguese sausage, a bit like chorizo – they are heaven on earth I promise! I also tried the salt cod fritters (yum!), heirloom tomatoes and the garlic prawns when I last visited – all top notch.

The Douro Valley is a wine producing region close to Porto so it’s no surprise there’s a great wine list on offer at Bar Douro, featuring not just Douro wines but wines from pretty much every wine region in Portugal. Of course my favourite is a vinho verde but their sparkling options looked great and I do love a Douro red as well!

There’s a really funky vibe inside, especially with the traditional blue and white tiles and the up-close-and-personal bar seating. But if it’s a nice day/ evening, try to grab a seat outside so you can take in the hustle and bustle of Flat Iron Square while you munch. The staff are friendly and I think the pricing is reasonable – although the extensive wine list means your bill can start to ramp up pretty quickly if you get carried away! Gorgeous food, lovely wine and a great atmosphere, tick, tick, tick in my book!

Have you been to Bar Douro yet? Tell me what you thought!


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