Throwback Post: London Goodbyes

I’ve had this post in the works for a while but after waking up to the news of another terror attack in London, it felt even more appropriate to post this today. I’m thinking about and sending my love to all Londoners, especially those caught up in today’s events. Our city’s been through a lot this summer but as always, I know the amazing spirit of London – and everyone who makes it their home – will overcome and outshine all else.  xxx 


Hey guys, so whilst I wait eagerly – and ever so slightly impatiently – to move into my new New York apartment (I’m officially on countdown mode and can’t wait to stop living out of a suitcase!), I thought I’d do a little throwback post to some of the amazing goodbye/ leaving gatherings I had last month in London. My small way to say thank you to my fabulous friends and family for sending me off in such style!

Actually most of them were probably glad to see me finally get on that plane….. I found out about my move in March but didn’t end up leaving until August, so I had one of the most drawn out leavings ever! Which must have bored them half to tears but worked out very well for me, as it was a great excuse to have multiple leaving shindigs!

I am beyond lucky, and so, so grateful, that I have the best bunch of supporters back home in London who have shared all of my highs over the years, helped me survive the lows, and who I know will be there for me no matter what. I love this quote (by the ever so wise, Winnie the Pooh!):

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

It completely sums up exactly how I felt, leaving was so hard, but only because of you guys and how amazing you are! Anyway, enough of the sloppy sentiments! And onto the leaving shenanigans!

I had a few leaving events at work, one of which was far too messy to write about – and thank god there’s no photographic evidence from! But here are a couple of the slightly more tame ones!

Leaving lunch with my former team, miss these guys…..


Work leaving drinks – take 2 (number 1 not suitable for public consumption!)


I said goodbye to my much loved neighbourhood in London, Greenwich with my lovely friend K. We shared cheese and champagne, two of our very favourite things, in a gorgeous little spot just outside Greenwich Market and around the corner from the Cutty Sark.

Mmmmmm, cheese! Need I say more?!


One of the most well known spots in Greenwich, the Cutty Sark

If you know me, you know the way I like to celebrate anything and everything is to do brunch! Now I’m over 30, day drinking is my absolute saviour! Nights out are completely over rated – I like to be able to sit somewhere nice, hear whoever I’m with, not feel I have to get dressed up unless I want to and to wake up the next day without a raging hangover. Day drinking is the way forward!

So of course, my main leaving do was brunch in a very cute little spot in Bermondsey, south London – The Garrison.  Just close friends and some of my family who could make it joined me for a less than civilised bottomless brunch session which continued into the early hours back at mine – ooops!

Me and my lovely Mum!


Slightly blurry table selfie! My gang, love each and every single one of you crazy lot! 


Silly selfies, the bottomless prosecco’s kicked in at this point, why are we all so blurry?!


Friends for life, can’t wait to see these two special people soon at their WEDDING!!! Why is S the only blurry person in this shot?!


Trying to look sober and hold a pose….. S looking VERY serious! 


An amazing day (and such a fun afterparty at mine, I haven’t laughed so much in ages)! You guys are the best! Thanks for making my last weekend in London unforgettable…..

And then, I spent my last evening in London at one of my favourite places, Bar Douro  (read my review here) drinking beautiful Portuguese wine and eating a huge number of ‘small plates’, sat outside in Flatiron Square, with two of my favourite people A and S. It was a beautfiul summer evening and a perfect way to say goodbye to London. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Last evening in London – two of my favourite girls at one of my favourite places

I’m loving my new adventure in New York but London will always be my home and will always have my heart.



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