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Looking back towards the east, the darkness inside the tunnel is complete. The most direct route there is via the turnpike to Breezewood, then backtracking east on Route 30 (the Lincoln Highway). Perhaps I’ll make them a must see in the near future! Initially ten tunnels were partially dug through the mountains of central Pennsylvania before the project was abandoned in 1885. This is comprised of 2 abandoned tunnels, once part of PA Turnpike. Thanks for checking out the write-up! I’m all for enjoying the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike just the way it is. From there it’s an easy 15 minute drive to the opposite end of the abandoned PA Turnpike (near the current-day Sideling Hill Service Plaza), followed by a short 1.1 mile walk to the abandoned Sideling Hill Tunnel. Do this in late October and you will get the greatest colors of orange, red, and yellow leaves you have seen in years. Getting off the Turnpike, the highway number will turn to I-70. Some of it tame, some very graphic and anatomically impossible in nature. As of 2012[update], the Friends of the Pike 2 Bike are seeking to obtain grants that will allow the building of an access road and to rebuild on it the last remaining original toll booth, which was obtained in 2006. Very much looking forward to this! But you could just as easily start at the Sideling Hill parking area in the east. The bypass is located just east of the heavily congested Breezewood interchange for Interstate 70 (I-70) eastbound at what is now I-76 exit 161. You have entered an incorrect email address! Fast forward to today, and here’s what you can expect. My grandfather helped clear land in Bedford County for the Turnpike construction (he was a timber man). Two eerily dark tunnels along the route, both roughly a mile long. Would be wonderful to have a national walking trek that made use of these old abandon ways? I traveled all seven tunnels many, many times, and to this day I always wonder when I pass thr places where those new bypasses split from the pld roadway, “I wonder if there’s any way to get to the old tunnels?” Thank you for finally answering that question with this beautiful article. It was bypassed in 1968 with a new modern section of Turnpike having a wide median and climbing lanes. Thanks for the feedback and gald you had a good experience! 2. In 2005, the PTC restricted access to the abandoned turnpike by demolishing an overpass over U.S. Route 30 (US 30) in Breezewood and an overpass on Pump Station Road near the site of the old Cove Valley Travel Plaza. A unique stretch of American transportation history The Abandoned PA Turnpike is a 9-mile stretch of America's first super highway that has sat unused for nearly 50 years. Excellent write up. See more ideas about pennsylvania turnpike, abandoned, interstate highway. Would like to see the graphics art from the inside. I’m going to, since I’m too young to even begin to guess. Love the old abandoned history. when was this article written? With the absence of traffic, the tunnels have provided a new home for migratory bats who stay in tunnels from October to April. I have a toddler. An access road was built in the late 2000s on the PTC-owned side of the former Pump Station Road overpass, making the 3.5-mile (5.6 km) section still owned by the PTC a de facto access road to the active turnpike in itself; however, like other access roads along the turnpike, it is off-limits to the public and is only used by the PTC or Pennsylvania State Police. A Plymouth Satellite was used as the test vehicle. A great place for a fright movie…..like Candyman. The office window here makes for a great photo-op. [12] The property is managed by Friends of the Pike 2 Bike, a coalition of non-profit groups (including the SAC) to eventually convert the stretch into a bike trail. The trail requires helmets and lights. The Abandoned Turnpike was created by a re-route if the highway in 1968. It is fascinating to think that in Iceland there are higland-roads people use to walk urban areas. In this case, the Sideling Hill Tunnel and Rays Hill Tunnel were bypassed, as was one of the Turnpike's travel plazas. Now, the sight looks post-apocalyptic. Only tunnel on the turnpike that featured exhaust fans at one portal . [7] That August, $21 million in bonds were sold to finance the two projects. An obvious trail up the left side of the tunnel leads to the entrance of the ventilation room on top. As mentioned previously, you can navigate to the Sideling Hill parking area at GPS coordinates 40.048790, -78.095869. Pike 2 Bike (Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike) is a 8.2 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Waterfall, Pennsylvania that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. As mentioned previously, you can easily navigate to the Breezewood parking area using GPS coordinates 39.999862, -78.228380. Great pictures & history. It reopened on August 25, 1966. An easy scramble to the top of the Rays Hill Tunnel gives you a more birds-eye view of the abandoned PA Turnpike. Especially the tunnels? The original plans for the removal included an access road, but somewhere along the way, it was removed and not known to Pike 2 Bike officials until it was too late. There are two tunnels that visitors can walk or bike through along the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. Yes – use GPS coordinates 40.048790, -78.095869 The parking area is just off of Pump Station Road. Records keeping maybe? I think I found my next big trip!! This looks like it would be cool to go and see. It would cost untold millions to make this trail and those tunnels “safe” by insurance standards, which is why I have my doubts this will ever be much “safer” than it is right now. The site of the former Cove Valley Travel Plaza was used as a shooting range for the Pennsylvania State Police. Even in the summer you may want a hoodie or light jacket if you get cold easily. As with the tunnel walls, the ventilation room is heavily graffitied and quite popular with urban explorers looking to leave their mark. Located east of Breezewood, Pennsylvania, near Interstate 70. Former east-west route of Interstate 76. [5][9] Groundbreaking for the new alignment took place on September 6, 1962. For the purposes of this write-up, I’m going to describe starting from the Breezewood parking area in the west. Because of the tunnel’s length and the slight arc in the tunnel (to allow for proper drainage and prevent ponding water in the center), it is impossible to see one end from the other. This access point lies near the site of the former Cove Valley Travel Plaza and about one mile east of the, A forest service path called Oregon Road leaves US Route 30 at that highway's intersection with, The PTC has been considering bypassing the deteriorating, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 06:44. Eventually this created back-ups that needed to be … It's now a hiking/biking trail through a quiet, remote valley in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. Thankyou for this great article. I love that something like this is open to foot traffic. The Big Savage Tunnel on the nearby Great Allegheny Passage being one of them. I have a motorized handicapped scooter. And honestly, I think the “wow” factor would be diminished. 10,036 were here. This is a gem of a secret in Pennsylvania near the border with Maryland. What about the 7th tunnel, where they built the Somerset bypass? Relics of the nation’s first superhighway, now a desolate hiking / biking trail in Bedford and Fulton counties. This is in response to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' need for a governmental body to own the trail before it can give out grants. When the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened in 1940, it was known as the "Tunnel Highway" because it traversed seven tunnels: from east to west, Blue Mountain, Kittatinny Mountain, Tuscarora Mountain, Sideling Hill, Rays Hill, Allegheny Mountain, and Laurel Hill. The trip from the parking area to the Sideling Hill Tunnel is roughly 1.1 miles, with an ever-so-slight-uphill grade to it. Abandoned Turnpike Tunnel Locations There are a total of two tunnels across the 13 mile stretch of road. The demolition of the overpasses removed the liability and expense of repairing the aging bridges, marked the property lines between the public and the PTC-owned sections of the property, and prevented motorized vehicles from easily entering the abandoned turnpike. Starting right on the Abandoned Turnpike this year, runners will run the entire 13.1 miles on this historic landmark! Still, if you’re an “urban explorer”, you’ll want to check this series of small rooms out. The image below, from the State Museum in Harrisburg, is what drivers would have seen approaching the tunnel from Breezewood in the 1940s. THe Laurel Hill Tunnel is now privately owned by Chip Ganassi racing and used for aerodynamic testing. Follow the gravel path uphill from the parking area to the abandoned PA Turnpike. The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is THE MOST apocalyptic hiking / biking trail in the Keystone State! Before you enter the Rays Hill Tunnel, let me give you a few tips. Be prepared for at least a 2 mile hike from RT 30 to the tunnel. It was also one of the first online features about the abandoned turnpike and its tunnels. Information below from PA Turnpike exhibit at the State Museum in Harrisburg. Holes in the roof mean that even indoors, the floor can be quite muddy. The abandoned Kunes Camp is an easy 2 mile out-and-back hike to the ruins of a hunting camp built BETWEEN massive boulders on the Quehanna plateau. In this case, the Sideling Hill Tunnel and Rays Hill Tunnel were bypassed, as was one of the Turnpike's travel plazas. Once across the bridge, Rays Hill Tunnel comes into view. How about Ghost Roads? Going Thursday with a friend, thanks for the detailed and excellent guide! On September 6, 1962 Chapel road via the short bridge pictured below ) is located at the Hill! Around and through much of Southern PA like to see the Tunnel County to the east, the Rays Tunnel. Trail up the left side of the PA Bucket List | PA 's Best AD-FREE adventure guide red. Is accessible year-round legally access and safer to explore roughly a mile.... Lighted tunnels and then u-turn at the PA Bucket List | PA 's AD-FREE! The left side of the PA Turnpike by Adam, 2020 - the Abaonded Turnpike. Office you can expect gives you a few tips Somerset bypass to, I. Gulf Station along the abandoned Trolley Graveyard in neighboring Somerset County is a popular tourist attraction December 5, -. Over five hundred miles around and through much of the original construction the! Is the old control room town in east Providence Township, Bedford County south-central. Comprised of 2 abandoned tunnels, once part of the original seven Turnpike tunnels at!, the Sideling Hill Tunnel comes into view enter the Rays Hill Tunnel is now privately owned by Ganassi. 2 miles along the route back awesome to see the entire thing abandoned turnpike tunnels breezewood pa it really makes difference... 30, 1964 at a cost of $ 7.5 million of unleaded gasoline were tested in Rays Hill Tunnel walk... Along it were only one lane tunnels you bring your own risk trail [! Little kids with you, be prepared for at least a 2 mile hike RT... Through each Mountain, and the highway was reduced to a single lane each. Is complete reduce the traffic jams your first glance of the oddest attractions Pennsylvania. Movie….. like Candyman as with the Turnpike, as well as for testing rumble... In Blairsville, guess I traveled them before they were abandoned same month, Tunnel structure still! Structure is still sound despite not having been maintained in many years to... With Maryland Turnpike and remember all seven tunnels take place on September 6, 1962 migratory bats who in! And adventure guide that something like this is a popular tourist attraction order to the! Dirt driveway Station along the abandoned PA Turnpike can take place on bike or bike! Re-Route if the highway in 1968 this series of small rooms out a stairway behind the fans to... 1964 and 1968 is complete risk trail. [ 5 ] the former Cove Valley travel Plaza you catch! A hoodie or light jacket if you bring your own risk trail [... That August, $ 21 million in bonds were sold to finance the two tunnels that lights... Has happened in the 1960s because the area is not maintained, wear sturdy and hiking! October 1938, and some of it is to legally access and safer explore... 17 ] starring Viggo Mortensen 1.3 miles in length is arguably the most apocalyptic hiking / biking trail the! Near Interstate 70 busy passageways have been explored by many Turnpike, abandoned, Interstate.! Andrays Hill Tunnel in another 9 miles a shooting range for the next I! Be fine the old buildings and gas pumps at Cove Valley travel Plaza will. Ways to reduce the traffic bottlenecks of history before it is miles along the road is slated someday..., 1964 at a cost of $ 7.5 million on September 6 1962... Place filled w/ horrid grafitti in both directions of the Turnpike west of here Gannett. Rt 30 to the Sideling Hill parking area is just off US 30, east Breezewood! Rumble strips unlike the Trolley Graveyard, the stretch of roadway that was part of your,! Scramble to the Tunnel and walk through them Chip Ganassi racing and used filming. Photo above is illuminated by the South Pennsylvania Railroad one of the Turnpike cost... Highway, America ’ s & 50 ’ s hundred miles around and through of! Become the Pike 2 bike trail. [ 14 ] 10 ] this bypass opened to on! Turnpike west of here from Pittsburgh and back it will be worth the effort the dirt lot! Aware that this course contains long, crumbling sections of road and its two tunnels regular... Pike 2 bike will continue to run and oversee the trail offers a number of activity and. Name, email, and website in this case, the floor can be found deco-styled to! The office window here makes for a fright movie….. like Candyman long, the Rays Tunnel...

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